Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Fashion from my P.O.V.

I'll start with the best in my opinion. Overall I loved Mila Kunis in Elie Saab and Camila Alves in Kaufman Franco the best. I don't love Mandy Moore, but thought her Monique Lhullier dress was impeccably made. Also, how charming was Anne Hathaway in that Lanvin tux and glitter pumps?!

...AND the worst. I don't love Scarlett Johansson so if she doesn't look drop-dead amazing I'll find it easy to not love her. She does have an amazing body and that dress in that color was just so blah. I LOVED Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole--she's so amazing but was super disappointed in her wardrobe choice for the Oscars. Kinda looks like a table runner at Christmas dinner. And Melissa Leo, loved her speech, would love to know her in person and while I've seen cutout designs work before, this wasn't Oscar winner-worthy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back Home

After Vegas I flew to Harlingen for my friend Yara's wedding. I am so happy to be back with Paquita and Springer.

Vegas for Magic and Project

We visited Magic and Project for the first time ever last week. The displays/booths/designers were unbelievable and truly inspiring. I was busier browsing than snapping photos but here are a few shots from my trip.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Moroccan Musings

via elle decor and veranda

A Chanel Surprise

A beautiful friend of mine (whom I shall later mention) gave me some makeup goodies, one being Chanel's newest lipstick called Rouge Coco Shine in "Boy." I was beyond excited as the Rouge Coco Shine collection won't be available to most stores until April of 2011! It's pretty amazing having talented friends in the beauty industry. xo

Some of our goodies--spread out on the dinner table (I'm sure server was jealous)

Rouge Coco Shine in "boy"

Pictured wearing "boy." It glides on like a gloss, the color is perfect and smells amazing--like roses.

Thanks, J xo

Jaco misses woofeee

My sweet friend, Jaco is in Pebble Beach working as a nanny for a pro golfer (ahh the life). She texted me this earlier in the week and I love her for it...Come back, Jax!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Chic Decor: Pinks+Grays

source: Veranda

Understated Feminine Palettes

I was just thinking about this color palette yesterday and to my pleasant surprise, found it on the cover of the March 2011 AC issue this morning. Roses, nudes, golds/coppers and blacks seem to represent the reinvented Mod theme or vintage me at least. I also think mirrors and crystal (chandeliers)add the perfect touch. More to come soon...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HBZ: Kim K as Cleo

Kim Kardashian channels Cleopatra in the March issue of Harper's Bazaar Magazine. I say it suits her pretty well. Thoughts?


I'll be attending MAGIC, WWDMAGIC and Project for the first time next week. I hope to snap some fun photos and blog while I'm there. I've never been in Las Vegas for "work," so this should be interesting. I've been looking through the lookbooks and can't wait to see all the established AND emerging designers (!)

Dream Job: Stylist to the Stars

Stylist Monica Rose is most notably known for dressing the Kardashian sisters, amongst other fabulous celebs. My NYC-based friend, Chris D. has had the privilege of working with Monica Rose and her assistant, Noel Jean, and says the two are not only talented, but also lovely...what a dream job xo

images via Monica Rose

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just a Front

It seems that every week I obsess over something new. This week, store fronts have really caught me eye. We all love shops, we have our favorite boutiques--but why? Sure the clothes and accessories have something to do with it, but there is something about walking up to your favorite boutique that makes one happy. What do you love about a store front? The awning? The display? Cute flower pots? Comments welcome below : )

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everything's Better in Mexico

In honor of the #superbowl being held in beautiful TX this year, I'd like to share a gorgeous Dallas-based boutique I found today called V.O.D. I loved the photos on their blog, particularly the post with these two handbags from Mexico. According to the blog authors, bags were hand embroidered in Chiapas. This inspires me to take a trip down there to make get some bags of my own. #vivamexico

images via vod

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Little Zimmerman to Will the Cold Away

I'm temporarily trapped in my house due to our "hazardous" winter conditions. With that comes a little bit of cabin fever and a whole lot of day dreaming. It's probably not gonna warm up anytime soon, but at least you can look forward to when it finally does. Here, some photos of Zimmerman's spring 2011 resort collection.

images courtesy of Zimmerman via StyleCaster