Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh...MY Bag!

We received the most amazing shipment of fall bags! Here are a few of our favorites...
Gray+Black hobo by Jesseli Couture, $130

Red+Burgundy hobo, $135

Black+White hobo, $132

Brown+Blue tote, $138
Items ship nationwide. If interested in buying, please contact info@jluxeboutique.com

photos: J Luxe Boutique

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Ides of Fall

I usually kinda want to decorate a pumpkin in the fall but this year my wants have bloomed into uncompromising needs. I mentioned it to my lover boy last night and after that, I haven't been able to stop researching decorating ideas. Little does he know, he's got a fun project ahead.

First, there was the cutest idea of studs and painted faces on multi-colored pumpkins (via Mr. Kate) then I see this other fantastic idea of melting crayons and stamping them on (also on Mr. Kate)... BUT THEN my friend, Janelle, posts a cute f-ing photo of her pumpkins sprayed in metallics (!) That's pretty much when the obsession began.

I kinda like the idea of not having to get all up in the pumpkins, feeling the gooey texture (even though I secretly like it) and making a horrid mess. I will post pics as soon as my pumpkins are done!

Here are some images I found of incredible pumpkin decorating ideas. Enjoy!

via Mr. Kate

via Mr. Kate

Via Home Seasons

via Home Seasons

Metallic pumpkins by Janelle

via Mr. Kate

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just in: NCLA Nail Wraps

If you're a sucker for manicures like me, then I have GREAT NEWS! J. Luxe just received an amazing shipment of NCLA Nail Wraps! We've got hues of blue, gold, red, pink and geometric, ikat and ombre designs! Come in because they're so delicious right now, I can't take it. xx

Monday, October 3, 2011

Boho Baby

You're bohemian at heart and that's why we love you. Here's a list of items that'll make your spirited, chic little heart melt--available only at J. Luxe!

Band of Gypsys bracelet

Turquoise pendant, Vanessa Mooney

Buddha Amulet on Hayashi strand, Vanessa Mooney

Shoshone Arrowhead necklace, Vanessa Mooney

Stone necklace, Band of Gypsys

Ayasha Brass Leaf Leather Necklace, Vanessa Mooney

Charm and Chain Necklace, Vanessa Mooney

Tie Me On bracelets, assorted, Vanessa Mooney

Bracelet, Vanessa Mooney

Cream and white scarf

Ethnic messenger, Navoh

Fringe crossbody, Navoh

Ethnic messenger, Navoh