Thursday, May 26, 2011

Off to Chicago...

I'm off to Chicago for my friend Stephanie's wedding! I'm bringing my good camera so I hope to have some pretty photos for you all :) Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a little sugar for your shoulders

Two things I'm currently obsessed with: Beyonce's "Who Run the World {Girls}" vid and this AMAZING Bliss Lau silver shoulder piece.

images via bona drag

Peonie Sundae

I've been loving peonies a lot lately...I like their femininity and sweetness. I've been a longtime loyal fan of hydrangeas but peonies are coming in at a close second.

images via TIG

Monday, May 23, 2011

UPDATE: j. luxe boutique

A lot of you have been asking the status on j. luxe...So far, we've gotten all the plans for remodel finished and have recently submitted them to the city for approval. In the meantime, we're receiving and sorting inventory, picking out decor ideas and patiently waiting for the big guys to give us the "go ahead" so we can start making a fun mess!

I think we've agreed on a color palette and style. We love eclectic decor so we're trying to incorporate both traditional and modern elements, i.e., chandeliers, wooden tables, lucite furniture, wall art. Here are some images I've found that sum up these elements beautifully.

via A Perfect Gray

Via A PerfectGray/Slumber Designs

Notice the traditional chair on the left and the lucite chair on the right. Love how fluid it looks.
Photo via DesignManifest

Friday, May 13, 2011

Drops of Ombre

I ran across these resin delights by Shannon Carney today. The collection includes pieces made of resin or 18k gold. I LOVE the ombre styles...what's even better? you can custom create yours in your favorite hues.

images via SC

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

J.Luxe Boutique

After months of [somewhat] quitely planning the launch of a lifelong dream, I've decided to share some special news. J. Luxe blog will soon evolve into a clothing boutique! We've leased a dreamy little space on the corner of Cincinatti and Stanton--the soul of Kern Place!

This is the space now--it was formerly a gift/custom card shop called Homebody. As you can see, the place needs a little makeover. I will keep you folks updated on our progress through photos and more! We are very excited to share this gem with our local market!

Space as is

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lita Dita

I'm OBSESSING over Dita Eyewear! A tried on a pair while at Agua Boutique last week and haven't stopped thinking about them...I'm going to be a good girl all week so I can go buy me a pair of the Supa Dupa (pictured first) in that beautiful red and tortoise tone :)

Images via Dita

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sugar Dandy

And speaking of photographs...

I had the privilege of meeting Izzy, author of The Dandy Project, while in NYC last weekend. He was just as lovely as he was sneaky with his camera...

Here are some shots he took. Enjoy!

This ring belongs to my friend's sister. She gave it to me to take back home with me and Izzy found immediate use for it! 

This ring was a gift from Ty, a gentleman very dear to my heart.

I hold my cups strangely, don't I?
L to R: Me, Ty and Lily. Brunching at Diablo Royale

Sharing a laugh with Ty...
All photographys: Izzy

Roll Play

I shot photos for one of the features in the last issue of The Stanton Magazine. I absolutely adore photography and while I don't get to do it much, I'll take any chance I get.

The girl in the photos is Raquel--my brother's gorgeous girlfriend. Over Easter weekend, she came over to my parents' house and my makeup/hairdresser friend, Jessica and I decided to play dress up with her. Jessica put some feather extensions in her hair and I shot the photos in our very own backyard. I'm glad the rose bushes were cooperating. You guys like?

Photos: Jessica Escalante
Photo edits: Janelle Ayala