Monday, May 23, 2011

UPDATE: j. luxe boutique

A lot of you have been asking the status on j. luxe...So far, we've gotten all the plans for remodel finished and have recently submitted them to the city for approval. In the meantime, we're receiving and sorting inventory, picking out decor ideas and patiently waiting for the big guys to give us the "go ahead" so we can start making a fun mess!

I think we've agreed on a color palette and style. We love eclectic decor so we're trying to incorporate both traditional and modern elements, i.e., chandeliers, wooden tables, lucite furniture, wall art. Here are some images I've found that sum up these elements beautifully.

via A Perfect Gray

Via A PerfectGray/Slumber Designs

Notice the traditional chair on the left and the lucite chair on the right. Love how fluid it looks.
Photo via DesignManifest

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  1. Cant wait to see your beautiful dream come together! xoxo