Monday, October 24, 2011

The Ides of Fall

I usually kinda want to decorate a pumpkin in the fall but this year my wants have bloomed into uncompromising needs. I mentioned it to my lover boy last night and after that, I haven't been able to stop researching decorating ideas. Little does he know, he's got a fun project ahead.

First, there was the cutest idea of studs and painted faces on multi-colored pumpkins (via Mr. Kate) then I see this other fantastic idea of melting crayons and stamping them on (also on Mr. Kate)... BUT THEN my friend, Janelle, posts a cute f-ing photo of her pumpkins sprayed in metallics (!) That's pretty much when the obsession began.

I kinda like the idea of not having to get all up in the pumpkins, feeling the gooey texture (even though I secretly like it) and making a horrid mess. I will post pics as soon as my pumpkins are done!

Here are some images I found of incredible pumpkin decorating ideas. Enjoy!

via Mr. Kate

via Mr. Kate

Via Home Seasons

via Home Seasons

Metallic pumpkins by Janelle

via Mr. Kate

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