Friday, March 4, 2011

When I Dream of Wedding Accessories...

...As I was searching for inspiration for an upcoming TSM shoot, my business partner, Amy (who is getting married soon) sent over a link of beautiful floral touches incorporated into various hair styles. Because I'm a [closet] hopeless romantic, I get easily distracted and think more is more, I felt the need to share this bride's AMAZING accessory styling.

I've never been a part of styling a wedding or remotely close to it, but I feel one of the greater pressures of wedding day style is to remain true to who you are yet special enough to leave a distinguishable impression on that day versus every regular day in your life.

This gorgeous DC-based bride chose a very simple dress, a pretty unorthodox hair style, dainty chandelier earrings and a generous stack of bangles on each arm--my favorite part. LOVE the accessories...this is something I would do.

OBSESSED with those bangles! Daring move for a bride!

photos via United with Love


  1. Yes!! I love it so much! I could definitely see you doing this.

  2. I love it! Never seen anything like it!