Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shutterbug visits J. Luxe

Tuesday as I drove to work, other than dwelling in my shallow contemplations (like, the Cartier Love bracelet) I thought about all the creative people in my life. (Man, I'm lucky). Along with the creatives, I realized I have an equally strong presence of business-minded individuals in my life who balance it all out.

We're on our way to something great and this is how I know it. 

My friend Janelle is just as talented as she is striking. She recently earned lots more admiration from many of us when she quit her long-time job to pursue her photography business. I hadn't seen her in a couple of weeks so she stopped by Tuesday to give me an update on her crazy life...the visit wouldn't be very "Janelle" of course, unless the camera was present.

Here is the product of talent at its most natural, effortless state. I love these necessarily unnecessary photos of our shop--as simple as a kiss to say hello.

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