Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Braid Du Jour: Jessica Avila Hair & Makeup x Lavender Girl

I have this amazzzzingly talented friend Jessica, we call her "Kaow," (don't ask). Well today as I was sorting through our new Lavender Girl hair accessory arrivals, Kaow stopped by for an impromptu visit. Loving all things hair-and-beauty, she immediately demanded I let her style my hair (just because). Gosh, I love when that happens. If you're on Facebook, please like her page--she's truly amazing!

This took her all of 10ish minutes with no styling tools or hair spray. Seriously. Just her hands and some flimsy old rubber band we dug out of one of our drawers. A feast for the eyes if I may say so myself. Enjoy the braid du jour.

Our new shipment of crystal flower bun wraps by Lavender Girl

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair (beautiful braid) and the Lavender Girl bun wraps!! I must get one they are too cute something to fancy up a little ole' bun!! :)

    how much?