Monday, July 19, 2010

Current project: my room

I started remodeling my room a while ago and it's been a slow, slow process. So far the color's complete and the light fixture is up (my favorite part). I've been looking for a provocative piece of art for the space above my bed...i'd love something made by a local artist. Here are some photos. More to follow...


  1. Hey I know a great artist. Her name is Adriana Corral, she is from here and about to start her masters program at UT. Anyways, she doesn't have a website yet but here is a link to one of her pieces on Facebook.!/photo.php?pid=1657747&id=747292996&fbid=58242442996 Hope you can check her out, she does amazing stuff!!

  2. Thanks, Amanda. I tried the link but I couldn't access the page. Can you e-mail me a picture or the link again? Thanks!

  3. what a beaut! loooove that light fixture!