Saturday, June 4, 2011


Chicago wasn't anything less than I expected--amazing! My friend Steph had a beautiful wedding, I got to catch up with friends, see the sights and even catch some rain which wasn't too bad considering the drought we've had in El Paso.

On my way there I watched the infamous street art documentary, "Exit through the Gift Shop," and was inspired to look out for such art. (This explains the random sticker pictures). If you haven't watched yet, you must soon!!!

The beautiful bride, Steph, and her groom!

Here with David in front of Buckingham Fountain

Interesting art inside Hotel Allegro, where we stayed

Delicious (looking) pastries at EATT. We didn't try dessert but lunch was pretty spectacular.

Lunch time Prosecco with D.

The Memorial Day Parade was no joke! God Bless America!

And my favorite piece of art

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  1. It was a blessed day and I am soooo happy you made the trek to Chicago to share in our joy :) I hope to see you soon!!!!