Monday, June 6, 2011

In our Shopping Cart: Vintage Chests, Chandeliers and Cowhide Rugs

This weekend was unintentionally a productive one. My mom had a minor leg surgery so while she rested, we pulled out the plans and sketched out our ideal space planning goals. My dad sat around and listened as he'll be helping with the construction (thank G).

I ordered some jewelry displays, garment bags, body forms and other necessary stuff I've been putting off. And on Sunday, mom, aunt and I went shopping for furniture!

We found a couple of AMAZING vintage chests and an absolutely flawless cowhide rug I can't wait to share with you all! It's got light shades of grey, brown and nude! I love the look of animal skin with chandeliers--which we're still searching for! Aunt Susy has a beautiful vintage chandelier in the foyer of her home she said she'd be willing to donate to J. Luxe!! So Exciting!

Our cowhide rug is very similar to this one :)

images via doorr blog

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  1. That is so sheik!!! I love it!